Timberpeg Authorized Represenative for the North Bay

Patrick Hamilton Construction, Inc is an authorized representative for the North Bay, allowing us to build your new home using a non-competing building system featuring time-saving construction and the unique aesthetic appeal of exposed timbers.

Quality Construction

Timberpeg Home
Photo courtesy Timberpeg,
photography by Photogroupe Inc.

Timber frame homes from Timberpeg combine old style craftsmanship using stout structural timbers and true mortise and tenon joinery with modern production methods. A computerized Hundegger milling machine efficiently and accurately cuts the joinery, which is then finished using hand tools. The result is the best of both the current and ancient worlds: structurally engineered wood joints that have been efficiently cut by an intelligent machine, which hold together a traditional timber frame. Timberpeg’s experience means they have done it all, and their attention to detail means the frame and shell package will go together smoothly.

Frames can be specified as either Eastern White Pine, or Douglas-fir. Structural Insulated Panels can be used to insulate the walls and roof, or an innovative “wrap and strap” system is available. Interior finishes can be drywall or tongue and groove wood paneling.

Custom and Cost-effective Building

Timberpeg can build a custom frame for you, or you can modify an existing design from their extensive library. Patrick Hamilton Construction, Inc is ready to help you define what you want and need.

Hybrid new home construction

Timberpeg home
Photo courtesy Timberpeg,
photography by Photogroupe Inc.

The cost can be considerably lower in construction where the full exposed timber look is not required throughout the home. Usually the central great room is of timber frame construction while the wings of the house are built using conventional trusses. This is a cost-effective way of showcasing exposed timbers only in areas best suited to an architectural statement.

This hybrid approach often allows the client to have a larger home or more complex roof line while keeping the budget in line. By strategic design, the hybrid home offers savings not only in the timber frame, but also in finish work, with timbers eliminated from corners of baths, laundry rooms, kitchens, and closets.

Hybrid additions

Another use of the timber frame as a hybrid is to build onto an existing home with a timber framed addition. This is the perfect solution if the existing home is in a location you love or if you just want to add value to your home. A spectacular timber-framed great room has added significantly to the comfort and beauty of many homes.

Advantages of a Timber Frame Home

Timberpeg home
Photo courtesy Timberpeg,
Architectural Photography by Roger Wade

A Standard Timberpeg package

Timberpeg® supplies a complete package, which typically includes

Timberpeg parts
Image courtesy Timberpeg
  1. Eastern white pine or Douglas-fir timber frame
  2. 2x8 tongue-and-groove decking for the decking/ceiling finish
  3. Drywall (B.O.*)
  4. 6½” Structural Insulated Panel
  5. Felt paper (B.O.*)
  6. Drainage plane material
  7. Andersen® or Eagle® windows and doors
  8. Clear vertical grain cedar bevel siding
  9. Aye & better grade Western red cedar or PVC trim
  10. 1x8 or 2x8 t&g decking
  11. ½” layer of exterior grade plywood (B.O.*)
  12. 6-mil polyethylene vapor barrier (B.O.*)
  13. Blocking at perimeter of roof for nailing on fascia trim
  14. 4” or more of Polyisocyanurate foam insulation
  15. Double layer of 1x4 strapping for venting
  16. 5/8” exterior grade plywood (B.O.*)
  17. Felt paper (B.O.*)
  18. Architectural grade composition shingles

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Timberpeg Brochure & DVD 

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